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Claiming that it would not have allowed execution of parliament attack convict Muhammad Afzal Guru ‘if it was in power’, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) said Omar Abdullah cannot run away from sharing responsibility for the hanging as his party is part of the UPA government at the centre.

“We strongly demand return of mortal remains of Guru. Had we been in power we would definitely not have allowed the execution”, PDP Spokesperson Nayeem Akther claimed while talking to a local news agency KNS on Saturday.

When asked whether the CM had sufficient time to convince the centre as the decision to hang Guru was conveyed to him just 12 hours ahead of it, he said, “He is not a Sarpanch. It has become very clear through media reports that he (CM) had been consulted on every stage. If he claims that he was not consulted, it is a very sad commentary on his performance”.

He said that Omar Abdullah government is not a separate entity but part and parcel of UPA Government and cannot run away from his responsibilities.



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