Gool Killings: Incident Reinforces Impression Of Police State says Mehbooba

KL Report


Strongly condemning the bloodbath in Gool, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) today said human life in Jammu & Kashmir has been devalued completely as a result of callousness of government and a license to kill that has been granted to police and security forces.

As per a statement, the party president Mehbooba Mufti has said the coldblooded murder of half a dozen people and wounding of many others without any provocation is heartrending and no words are enough to describe the tragedy or condemn it. She said, “Many elements in police and security forces in the state have been enjoying atrocities on the people and it seems that their entire attitude has become sadistic.”

Mehbooba has said the Gool atrocities have reportedly been a joint venture of ‘BSF and police’. While the former is reported to have indulged in desecration of a religious institution and a police officer has reportedly shot point blank at Manzoor Ahmad Shan, a lecturer, who was trying to pacify the crowed that was peacefully expressing its indignation at the hurting of religious sentiments.  This, she said, has reportedly happened in presence of Deputy Commissioner and SSP of the area. Subsequent to this, Mehbooba has said that the reports received by the party indicate that the BSF also trained their guns on the unarmed people leading reportedly to a half a dozen deaths. She said it has been reported to the party that more than two dozen people are lying injured.

Mehbooba has said, “The continued inability of the government to take cognizance of any killing, excess or atrocity has reinforced the impression of the police state, where the political leadership and administration are subservient to them.” This, she said, is neither in the long term interests of the state nor for its people and everyone must resist it democratically but forcefully.

Expressing solidarity with the bereaved families and condoling the death of their loved ones, Mehbooba said her entire party is shocked by today’s incidents as the loss suffered by the victims is irreparable. Though the government is exposed every day but this shocking incident in the hilly and backward area of Gool should provide another moral challenge to the rulers who have devastated so many families.

Meanwhile Mehbooba has also condemned the murderous attack on the renowned medico of the state, Dr S. Jalal. She has expressed her heartfelt sympathies with the families of two policemen who have lost their live in the incident.


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