Gool Killings: Sajad Lone Is Pained


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Peoples’ Conference Chairman Sajad Lone has expressed anguish and pain at the loss of innocent lives in Ramban due to the murderous onslaught by the Border Security Force.  Terming the incident as an indicator of the State’s underlying mindset of killing Kashmiris without the fear of repercussions, Sajad Lone in a statement to the media said his heart goes out to the families of the victims in the moment of inconceivable loss.

“There is a common recurring theme in all instances of violence by the Security Forces and the Police that the Security Forces can get away with murdering Kashmiris,” the statemnet quotes Lone saying. “There will be the usual theater of condemnations, shameless promises of action and phony, worthless FIRs and then all will be forgotten because apparently Kashmiri lives are cheap.”

Lone said the Government will now order an inquiry and in the very remote chance of the inquiry actually taking place, all accused will be exonerated in due time under the nose of the law and the government. “Are Kashmiri lives so cheap that they have become hunting fowl for the Security Forces? Why is it so easy to kill a Kashmiri and get away without any consequences?” he asked.


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