Government must reconsider ban on JeI, Er Rasheed says


 Condemning ban on Jamat-I-Islami, the former MLA of Langate in north Kashmir Er Rasheed has accused New Delhi of chocking political space and continuing with its policies of “suppression” on Kashmiris.

Quoting Rasheed, the spokesman questioned the amendment made in reservation act through an ordinance issued on the recommendations of state Governor. “It is unfortunate that rather talking to genuine stakeholders over a resolution to Kashmir issue, New Delhi is keen bent on muzzling the genuine voices. While Jamat-I-Islami has made huge contributions in education and social sectors and has also played its part in genuine social reforms, the party has a considerable following in every nook and corner of the state among all sections of society,” the spokesman quoted Rasheed as saying.

He said Jamat-I-Islami constitution doesn’t believe in running underground movements and it was the reason why Jamat-I-Islami had deep differences with Geelani which ended at their parting ways from each other. Jamat has also openly denounced violence and believes in a peaceful resolution to Kashmir dispute as such banning the organization carries no sense and logic.

Rasheed appealed the central government to reconsider the decision and revoke the ban before it creates further disappointment among masses. He accused Governor of crossing his domain and getting indulged in constitutional assaults on the special status of the state.

Rasheed said “It is not the issue whether amendments in reservation Act are harmful or beneficial to the people of the state but the question is that if the Governor has any moral or legal authority to do so in absence of an elected government. New Delhi must restrain from misusing the position of the governor and should not compel him to make inroads in the special status of the state constitution.


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