Government Revises Minimum Wages of Labour

KL Desk


Minister for Higher Education, Labour and Employment, Abdul Gani Malik Monday said that government is committed to safeguard the interests of Labour class and several steps have been initiated for the upliftment of poor and down trodden section of the society.

Addressing a high level officers meeting, Malik  conveys that the meeting decided for enhancement of present wages of unskilled Labour from Rs. 110 to Rs. 150, semi- skilled Labour  from Rs. 150 to 175 and skilled Labour from Rs. 200 to Rs. 225. Similarly, wages of ministerial supervisory account staff will get Rs. 200 against Rs. 175 being paid earlier.

The meeting also discussed the matter related to variable dearness allowance. It was decided that the matter will be given consideration in next Advisory Board Meeting.


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