Government Rolls Out Mental Health Self Assessment Questionnaire


SRINAGAR: In the current second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Divisional Administration Kashmir has released a questionnaire in collaboration with the Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences Kashmir (IMHANS-K) to help people self-assess their level of anxiety and psychosocial distress, as well as insomnia disorder.

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The questionnaire is written in English and is comprised of simple questions that will appeal to a broader audience. People who fill out this questionnaire are anonymously scored and their results are shown as green, orange, or red.

People are requested to have their Self Assessment through the link :

The Self-Assessment questionnaire is part of the Divisional Administration’s ongoing tele-psychiatry programme to treat and advise people with pre-existing mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, psychotic disorders, hysteria, and so on.

The initiative has witnessed a huge flow of calls for Tele – Psychiatry consultations  which was started in the Kashmir Division  in view of the  rise in Mental Health issues .

In light of various national and foreign studies depicting the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the general population’s mental health, Divisional Commissioner Kashmir Pandurang K Pole played a key role in making this initiative a reality.

The Divisional Commissioner, while launching the online self-assessment questionnaire, said that Kashmir’s health response during the pandemic has been excellent and revolutionary in several ways, and that mental health response has been one of the current administration’s top priorities.

People should use the questionnaire to self-assess their mental health, according to the department’s head, IMHANS. People who fell into the orange and red groups should get assistance from the Tele-psychiatry Helpline, he said.

He went on to say that the campaign had helped thousands of individuals, including those with pre-existing psychiatric disorders, resolve their mental health problems.

Previously, a team of psychiatrists and psychologists was established to provide counselling to individuals who are still in their homes, to advise them on prevention, to maintain Covid conduct, and to assist the general population in leading a safe life during the pandemic.

The team of consultants from department of Psychiatry IMHANS-K, GMC Srinagar  including  Dr Mohammad Maqbool (Prof & Head) are  available on his phone number- 7889818196, while as Dr Yasir Hussain on 7006690548, Dr Rayees Ahmad- 6005027377, Dr Junaid Nabi-9797199799, Dr Altaf Ahmad- 7006244948, Dr Shabir Ahmad- 7006296837  and Dr Fazle shall be available on 9696028541.

While as a team of Psychologists including Dr Sadaqat Rehman- 9419038368, Mr. Masood Maqbool- 6006175374 and Mr. Aijaz Ahmad- 7006314064 shall be available to the general public on Monday, Thursday and Saturday respectively.



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