Government Scared Of Geelani: Hurriyat (G)

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Hurriyat Conference (G) while terming Omer Abdullah as weakest Chief Minister said that during his tenure no political space is being provided to Syed Ali Geelani .

Hurriyat in its statement said that since March 7 and after he returned to Srinagar, Geelani was not provided an opportunity to offer prayers. It is 18th Friday in a row that he was consecutively placed under house arrest and administration denied to allow him to offer religious and social obligations, said spokesman in his statement.

Strongly castigating the administration, Hurriyat termed it the worst type of hooliganism and added although the court has reserved its ruling in a petition challenging the detention, however even after lapse of 35 days, court has not yet announced its verdict and added that justice is denied to a responsible political leader and he is being deprived from his basic rights.

Spokesman said that pro freedom leader continuously remains to be in unlawful detention .Friday in a statement spokesman Ayaz Akbar said that now is the 115 the day of his detention in his house and during this period Syed Ali Geelani was not permitted to venture out or offer Friday parry’s in Masjid. Spokesman said that even police and CID personnel’s did not allow him to move freely during ailment and remained with him while moving out for medical checkup.

While lamenting at administration spokesman said that during the entire period of detention neither court order was presented nor they received any order from administration and added that administration has forcibly denied all his political, social and religious obligations .His residence is being watched round the clock and police subject every visitor to arduous investigation. It is a government sponsored harassment and added that there is no constitutional, legal, or moral justification for this.

Hurriyat in its statement said that after mass uprising in 2010, Omer Abdullah led administration had decided to detain Syed Ali Geelani in jail but in order to avoid world media ,his residence has been converted into prison . “Omer Abdullah is the weakest chief Minister,” said Hurriyat and added that they have exceeded all the constitutional and moral norms while denying political space to Syed Ali Geelani.

Spokesman in his statement condemned administration and added that this is a blur for the authorities that 83 year old ailing leader is not being provided a political space and it is an ample proof that neither they are in a position to face his political ideology nor have any regard or care for his ailing health.

Refuting the claims of administration that police serves the purpose of security ,spokesman said that it is ridiculous and that there was no need of security and nor we have applied for the same and added that pro freedom leader would like to live in the same state in which all other people live.

Hurriyat in its statement expressed grief that detention was challenged in High Court and added however the court has not yet made any declaration and added though it has reserved the judgment in month of June and said nor any legal was relief granted or police guard removed from his residence.

Spokesman stressed that high court should not make any more delay and whatever the court has decided should declare.

Hurriyat reiterated its demand and urged Human rights organizations to take notice of illegal and unlawful detention of leader and stressed to impress authorities for his release from his continuous detention.


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