Governor directs VCs to ensure disclosure of interest by staffers in the selection processes

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Governor NN Vohra, Chancellor of Six Universities in the state, has directed all the Vice Chancellors to ensure that every Faculty member or member of the non-teaching staff in the University timely intimates the Vice Chancellor in case any of his/her children, dependent ward or close relative is seeking employment in the University. He further directed that in all such cases the Vice Chancellor shall forthwith ensure that the concerned staff member is totally dissociated from the selection process relating to the particular post for which the child/ward/relative etc has applied or is being considered.

Raj Bhavan Spokesperson disclosed that, from time to time, complaints addressed to the Chancellor are being received which contain allegations regarding misuse of position and or exercise of undue influence by certain members of the teaching or non-teaching staff who are directly/ indirectly involved in a given selection process of the University for securing appointment of their wards/close relatives. After enquiry it was found that the concerned staff member had not made any disclosure of his/her interest in the related selection process. Such complaints cast serious adverse reflection on the fairness/transparency of the selection procedure followed by the University.

The Spokesperson further stated that the Governor has sought an urgent report, for the period 1.1.2014 to till date about all cases in which faculty members/non-teaching staff were associated in the process of selection for posts in regard to which their children/wards/close relatives had applied or were being considered for employment in the University.


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