Governor Reviews Functioning Of J&K Government Grievance Cell



Governor N. N. Vohra reviewed the position in regard to all aspects of the redressal of grievances received by the J&K Grievance Cell through the web portal “”, e-mails, facebook, twitter handle, Whatsapp groups and by the Governor’s Secretariat through speed post, e-mail, fax, twitter handle etc.

Governor observed that any member of the public who has any complaint should register his grievance through on-line web-portal “” (both at Jammu and Srinagar) for timely redressal of their problems.

Governor reiterated that the Grievance Cell shall continue to promptly redress public grievances and the functioning of this Cell is aimed at making the Administration accountable, responsive, transparent and efficient. He impressed upon all the concerned Nodal Officers in each Department of the State Government to personally see to that the issues flagged by the Grievance Cell are urgently addressed. He also observed that for ensuring timely disposal of public grievances, the existing structure of the Grievance Cell shall be further strengthened and the Nodal Officers in the field need to be faster and pro-active in prioritizing matters which are of immediate public concern.

Since the imposition of Governor’s Rule in the State, up to 30th June 2018, the Grievance Cell received 868 grievances through the web-portal “”, of which 409 have been forwarded to the concerned departments/Nodal Officers for immediate redressal and report; of  the 339 grievances received through e-mail ([email protected]), 248 have been replied satisfactorily; 68 grievances received through Facebook have been responded; all the 18 grievances received through Twitter Handle “@jkgrievance” have been replied; 11 grievances received through Whatsapp have been forwarded to the concerned Nodal Officers for redressal.

During 19th -30th June 2018  the Governor’s Secretariat received 490 grievances through e-mail, speed-post, fax etc. of which 315 have been forwarded to the concerned Administrative Secretaries/Div Coms/DCs for immediate redressal and report; 49 grievances received through Twitter Handle “@jandkgovernor”  have been taken up with the concerned quarters for immediate redressal.

Governor appreciated the quick responses of the J&K Grievance Cell to the problems of the general public and urged even swifter action for ensuring that the interface between the State Administration and the public at large becomes far more satisfying to the latter.


  1. Dear sir,
    With kind reverence and respect I am working as class IV from long time in education department.our department conducted typing test for the promotion of junior assistants in January 2018, in which 18 employees out of 76 qualify the typing test .Now our director didn’t issue our formal orders to us.we are highly thankful if you will take interest in that our long pending promotion will b given to us.we will visit directorate office may times but unfortunately director and his PA didn’t show any kind of interest in this matter.
    And our department elevated 22(twenty two)class IV employees as incharge jr assistants on the staff gape arrangements in 2012 & 2015 without qualifing the type test,which violates the SRO 308 of 16.10.2008. At that time these incharge junior assistants are elevated on the corruption bases by the education director Mr.Tariq mir.Now we raise our voice against them .The director reply that they have only few years for retirement and don’t raise this question.our present director Mr GH nabi itoo said that I can’t revart them.when we said him why ? He replied that they had promoted by the x.director .we couldn’t understand if department make mistake why they can’t correct this mistake? Instead of that director are in favour of these elevated incharge junior assistants.
    Plz sir raise this matter with the director of education as soon as possible so that justice will b done with we class IV employees.
    Now today our director issued orders in favour of 6 …but still 12 are pending .and also they don’t give me the benefit of reserved category certificate…..(RBA) He promoted all on the bases of recently supreme court order to gave benefit to the reserved category in inservice promotion


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