Governor reviews physical, financial progress under CDF scheme


Taking cognizance of the non-utilization of a substantial amount of Constituency Development Fund (CDF), the Governor’s Administration has issued directions to all the Deputy Commissioners in the State to continue sanctioning fresh works under CDF till September 30, 2018.

“The instructions were issued on the directions of Governor N N Vohra, who while reviewing the status of works under CDF of Legislators, observed that while considerable progress had been made on the ground in the execution of works, yet significant funds have remained unspent in almost all the districts,” an official statement said.

Earlier, the Governor had asked his Adviser B B Vyas, Chief Secretary, BVR Subrahmanyam and Principal Secretary Planning, Rohit Kansal to critically review the status of works taken up under CDF and submit a report to him.

In their review, they pointed out that timely utilization of unspent funds would facilitate the equitable development of various regions of the State while non-utilisation of the same could result in the unnecessary wastage of resources.

Taking note of the ground realities, Governor observed that non-utilization of CDF has to be avoided as it would deprive the constituencies of the benefits of development. Most importantly, he stressed that the funds which are for public welfare should be used expeditiously.

After taking a holistic review of the ongoing works, funds spent, committed works and balance funds available with the districts, Governor directed that immediate instructions be issued to all the Deputy Commissioners to continue to sanction fresh works under CDF till September 30, 2018.

He instructed the Planning, Development & Monitoring Department to issue instructions to all the Deputy Commissioners to closely monitor the physical and financial progress of works taken up under CDF in their respective districts and ensure that the works are strictly approved as per the norms and guidelines of the scheme.

He also called for ensuring that the works taken up under CDF are started promptly, completed without any delay and cost overrun.  The Deputy Commissioners have been asked to send monthly progress report regarding CDF works to the Planning, Development & Monitoring Department indicating physical and financial progress achieved. They were directed to send the first such report by or before September 07, 2018.

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  1. Article 35 is an accord of excession of indian govt with kashmir

    party were govt of india / govt of j&k

    agreed as and when

    1. currency will be off indian govt/ defence will be off indian govt payable to indian govt/prime minster will be off j&k

    2. india played politics they made sheikh abdullah to change prime minster to chief minister so the constitution of j&k was penned
    3. then politcs goes on and india dont pay attention for improvment of state as it should be till date 3 times power will go in kashmir in one week, having so much water resources we dont have any hydroelectrical large scale dam which can generate electricity
    4. india needs control on kashmir which he does as was moving off but in 1987 it makes a bad turn , it was aganist NC, but it goes aganist india and in large scale

    5, have india showerd love and resource managment for kashmirs this thing wouldnt had happened we wouldnt had see black days of 20years death of one lakh people
    6. people stting in debats on national tv of india say send them to pakistan they are anti indians but we are kashmiris not indians, but kashmiris who accept accord with india
    7. if your soliders are dying on border we pay for defence
    8. india cannot pledge war with any neighbouring country touching border with kashmir unless gets approval from j&k constitution
    9. regional parties only can make election in j&k not bjp or congress bcz these are indian parties, national confrence, PDP can fight election under thier own election commission
    10. Artical 35 is accord if you want to remove accord u will break interceedness with india rightly said by Mr OMER ABDULLAH
    11. Taxation process GSTwill not be applicable to kashmir, yes material comming from india will have GST but material which goes from kashmir dont need GST it will enhance the bussiness sector of j&k which goes under dark loop holes
    12. to remove headache of j&k from india dont go in loopholes, dont order or execute what is not in our constitution

    Kashmir have annexed with india on certain terms and condition it isnt a full indian state which whole world knows
    in british parliment world map kashmir isnt shown as part off india,
    So to remain it as annexed state india needs to show sympathy on grounds

    Army is mend for war on border with soliders of enmey country they dont know how to fight with civilian, thier patience level is too short , two things they shoot
    you placed 1000000 army inj&k cities and towns declared it as disturbed state, put army free to cultivate kashmirs

    make j&k police units for whole kashmir city and then let them handle, let army go to borders

    Latly all amendment of indian govt isnt than or for off applicable to j&k gov or j&k state




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