Governor Reviews Vigilance Functioning

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Governor, NN Vohra, Monday reviewed Vigilance functioning with Sheikh Owais Ahmad, Director Vigilance, and Mohammad Ashraf Bukhari, Secretary to Government, General Administration Department, in a meeting at the Raj Bhavan Jammu.

“Bukhari informed that a total of 16 cases were pending for sanction of prosecution, which included 07 cases relating to the Public Sector Undertakings/Autonomous Bodies. The Director Vigilance informed that: during the last year, 79 cases were registered against 240 Public Servants, including 106 Gazetted Officers; 30 Public Servants were caught red handed while accepting bribe and cases stand registered against them; the Vigilance Organization sends alert notices to bring to the State Government’s notice cases of deviations and violation of Codes and Rules. The Governor directed that investigation and  prosecution of all pending cases should be completed within notified time frames,” an official statement said.

The Governor directed the Vigilance Organization to ensure that the Public Service Delivery system is kept under special watch to ensure that its functioning is responsive and transparent. He also directed that all cases due for compulsory review under Article 226 be placed before the designated committee for time-bound action.

The statement further said that the Governor asked Secretary GAD to ensure that Annual Performance Reports of all employees were completed within the given time schedules and, in this context, to issue an immediate circular to all the Departments to submit a status report by 5 February 2015 about the status of completion of APRs, as on 31.03.2014 in each department. All Departments should also submit reports regarding cases processed under Article 226 and all the Administrative Secretaries should urgently organize short training being imparted to all officers working under there charge to particularly ensure that APRs are written strictly in accordance with the laid down procedures. He also directed GAD to ensure that every Department discloses the requisite information as required under the RTI Act and puts it on its website, which should be regularly updated. All the Departments should also undertake an immediate review of Property Statements of Immovable Assets which were filed by the officers for 2013-14 and initiate action against those who failed to file the returns.

The Governor directed that all corruption cases should be dealt with sternly, on zero tolerance basis.

Meanwhile, in a review meeting, held today, Vohra, was informed by Kuldeep Khoda, Chief Vigilance Commissioner and R.K. Jerath, Vigilance Commissioner, that 1157 complaints were received by the State Vigilance Commission in 2014, out of which 64 cases have been referred for Departmental/Administrative Action while registration of cases has been directed in respect of 26 cases, the statement said.

“He was also informed that during the last 05 years, 8372 Enquiries/Complaints have been referred to the Departmental Vigilance Officers. The Governor urged the Chief Vigilance Commissioner to hold monthly meetings with the Departmental Vigilance Officers to ensure time-bound action on all enquiry cases.”

Khoda informed the Governor about the advisories being periodically issued by the Commission to the Departments, asking them to introduce the process of tendering and payments through cheques and electronic transfers for improving transparency and minimizing the chances of corruption.

The Governor urged the CVC to regularly monitor all pending enquiry and prosecution sanction cases in accordance with the provisions under the State Vigilance Commission Act, 2011. The Governor also asked Khoda to take all necessary measures to enhance awareness amongst people and encourage them to come forward for reporting every case of dishonest functioning by Public Servants.


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