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Dubbing Governor Address as misleading, directionless and disturbing document, senior leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Muzaffar Hussain Baig Tuesday said that this document has not laid down any target or guidelines for the next year.

Participating in the debate on Governor’s Address in the Legislative Assembly, Baig maintained that in the document, the Government has to narrate and set out its road map for the coming years and to highlight achievements of the previous years. In this document the government has also to reveal achievements it had made in the previous year in bringing peace, progress and prosperity and also the efforts to bring transparency and accountability in the governance.
“Unfortunately on all these parameters, the Governor’s Address shows no worth mentioning achievements”, he said, adding that achievements mentioned in the document were either achieved or started during the previous regimes headed by Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and Ghulam Nabi Azad. He said that present government has been brazenly trying to take credit of the achievements of previous PDP-Congress regime in the State.

“The Governor Address has not mentioned or revealed any step that indicated that the government was serious in bringing transparency and accountability in the governance,” Baig said.

While pointing out that there has been no progress in the front of peace, Baig said that the Governor’s Address was silent on the implementation of reports of the five Working Groups set up by the Prime Minister. “It is also silent on what action the Cabinet Sub-Committee has taken on the Sageer Committee report. Apparently no progress has been made due to difference between Congress and National Conference”, he said and added that the document was also silent on the report of the Interlocutors, who were appointed after killing of 120 Kashmir youth in the year 2010. “It is also silent why no action has been taken against the culprits who were responsible for the killings of 120 youth”, he said, adding, “the document is also silent on government’s stand on Armed Forces Special Power Act (AFSPA) after the Army chief had out rightly rejected this demand on January 3, 2013”.

Baig said that government has also not cleared its stand on the demand of a member of the ruling party to conduct plebiscite or the statement of National Conference leader Mustafa Kamaal, who had claimed that Indian intelligence agencies were destroying Jammu and Kashmir State politically and constitutionally.


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