Governor’s statement is an admission of guilt: Er Rasheed


Terming Governor Satya Pal Malik’s remarks that India has mishandled Jammu and Kashmir, as a confession of guilt, Mla Langate Er Rasheed has said that Malik should know that to what he calls ‘Mishandling Kashmir’ has ruined Kashmiris and snatched everything including around five lac. precious lives from them.

In a statement Er Rasheed said: “if Governor Malik has really some feeling that Indian army is not an occupation army he must visit Redwani where people are protesting since last six days against establishing a fresh army camp and realize that had Kashmiris not been seeing Indian army as an occupation army, the people of Redwani would have received them with garlands rather asking for the removal of the camp.”

Er Rasheed ridiculed Governor’s remarks that if LTTE despite being much stronger than the Kashmiri militant organizations could not take over Sri Lanka, how could Kashmiri militants get their goal.

He said: “Governor Satpal Malik should understand that the question is not about numbers but that of honoring commitments. Good nations do fulfill their commitments rather showing military might and drawing unwanted parallels. By revealing that even 12-year-old girls from LTTE cadres would fight Sri Lankan Army, It seems that governor Malik and his likeminded people are keen to make Kashmiris surrender, but need to remember that the issue is not about seeing who is more powerful, but who is more truthful.”

“While  governor Malik’s claim that LTTE had been receiving money and weapons from fourteen countries, he needs not to forget that entire world community is witness to the promises made with Kashmiris about giving them the right to self-determination and as such entire members of the United Nations are morally bound to ensure implementation of UN resolutions in the interest of justice,” said Er Rasheed.

He added that governor Malik’s confessions and claims speak about the confusion that has been haunting New Delhi since 1947.

He said: “By just talking about eliminating militancy Governor seems to have forgotten the reality that militants  and all pro-resistance groups are the creation of unfulfilled promises made with Kashmiris at UN and other forums and Kashmir issue is not the creation of militants or anyone else.”

“Governor Malik must try to see things in right perspective without taking sides and should convey New Delhi that people of J&K just want a peaceful and durable resolution to J&K dispute and any efforts to suppress their voice will always prove counterproductive as usual,” said Er Rasheed in a statement.


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