Govt departments to follow proper procedure for recording DoB of casual, daily rated workers


According to Finance Department, the date of birth (DOB) of illiterate Casual workers/Daily Rated Workers is not determined and recorded correctly and instead, incorrect date of birth has been recorded in the relevant service records of certain employees based on certificates issued by authorities not competent to issue such certificates.

In this context, attention is invited to the provisions of Article 35-AA of the Jammu and Kashmir Civil Services Regulations, Volume-I, for determination of the date of birth of illiterate persons.

In case of illiterate persons extracts from Birth Register duly signed by the concerned Executive Officer of the Municipality, Chairman concerned Notified Area Committee/ Town Area Committee, as the case may be, in case of those persons not falling within the Municipal/Notified Area Committee limits, the certificate should be signed by the concerned Tehsildar where the employee resides who will issue the certificate in the

A certificate, as per the Finance department order should be in the prescribed format issued by a Medical Board of the respective district where the employee is posted. The Medical Board shall comprise of Chief Medical Officer of the respective district, Radiologist and a Dental Surgeon.

In view of the clear-cut codal provisions, the Certificates issued by the non-designated authorities cannot be entertained for record of the date of birth. Any instance, in violation of the laid down procedure, needs to be dealt with for appropriate action against officers responsible for recording incorrect date of birth as well as the worker to whom it relates.

According to the order, all the Administrative Secretaries are requested to impress upon the field officers of the Departments to adopt a proper procedure for recording of the date of birth of such workers.

Any complaint received in this behalf should be thoroughly examined to ensure that no person manages to overstay in the Government service on the basis of incorrect date of birth recorded in service books and also ensure that the date of birth is recorded on the basis of prescribed documents/certificates.


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