Govt Formation: Join Secular Hands, Indian Muslim Body Tells PDP

KL Desk


An all India association of various Muslim bodies – All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat (AIMMM), Saturday urged Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leader Mufti Muhammad Sayeed, to shun “short-term expediency and avoid any truck with communal forces having a definite agenda which is inimical to the interests of the majority of J&K people”, media reports said.

The association’s president and editor of a major muslim fortnightly, Milli Gazette, Dr. Zafar-Ul-Islam Khan said, “PDP has the option of forming the next government in J&K with the help of secular forces,” adding, “therefore, it should not ally with communal forces which will use the opportunity to consolidate themselves and prepare to rule the state on their own after the next assembly elections.”

He said that people of the valley have elected PDP with the hope that it will stop the impending political deluge and they have also totally rejected candidates of communal forces.

“As such, it will be betrayal of the mandate if PDP goes with the communal forces,” he said.

Dr. Khan further said that PDP should not “ruin the future of Kashmir” by opting a “short-term strategy which will harm in the long-term”.

The learned author and orator, Dr Khan appealed to the leaders and people of Kashmir to prevail upon the PDP leadership not to go against the “interests of the coming generation of the Kashmiris”.


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