Govt Promoting Youth As Terrorists, Drug Addicts, Criminals: Mehbooba

KL Report


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president Mehbooba Mufti has said the National Conference after hanging its victims is trying to exploit the return of their bodies as political capital to mislead people. She alleged that the Chief Minister and Unionist Dr Farooq Abdullah themselves face serious charges which could have led them to jail. “A fair criminal investigation in Haji Yousuf case and Rs 50 crore cricket association scam was thwarted and officers who helped the ruling family were rewarded”, she said.

While addressing a press conference here today she said NC hanged Maqbool Bhat and Afzal Guru and is now trying to use the demand for the return of their mortal remains for its election campaign. Similarly, it hanged ‘Rai Shumari’ in 1975 and autonomy in 2000 by selling out both to stay in power on most humiliating terms and is now raking up their return in view of elections. She said the power projects were sold out by successive NC governments to NHPC since 1975 and now Omar Abdullah includes their return in his political wish list.

War against the youth continues, Mehbooba said the youth are treated as worse than terrorists by the state government while the slogan mongering by chief minister goes on unabated whether it is AFSPA or the phobia in other states. “Nobody has been questioned about crimes against people of Kashmir within the state at the hands of the state government itself. It is shocking that cases like Tufail Mattoo’s, which triggered the 2010 unrest have been closed as untraced in spite of the fact that he was killed in broad day light in the heart of the capital.  It is in fact the state government that has promoted the image of Kashmiri youth as terrorists, drug addicts, criminals and created the wholly new identity of stone pelter for them.”

As per a statement, Mehbooba has said peace process and governance are the worst victims of present government. “Omar Abdullah and his propaganda machine are trying to project his one off speech against Delhi a year as peace process while he facilitates hangings and orders atrocities against his people”, she said. And added “whenever the chief minister is under pressure because of his misdeeds he spits fire against New Delhi and its agencies and organizations but Dr Farooq Abdullah balances these hollow rants by his favorite line; we will shed every drop of blood for India and that ‘my son is fighting for the nation against rebellious Kashmiris’.”

PDP president said that the chief minister looks like a helpless prisoner of the vested interest on administrative front, morally disabled because of serious questions about his own conduct and resorting only to sloganeering. “To shore up its political fortunes NC is up to its old games. Now it wants to go into election seeking two dead bodies, of Maqbool Bhat and Afzal Guru and a skeleton, that of autonomy; all the three a result of its own, compromises for power, misdeeds and crimes. Even that might not have been a subject of relevance but for the total collapse of the system of governance we are witnessing while the chief minister’s party is busy building bunkers for itself and securing luxuries of life.”

She also said that scams are tumbling out of the government closet every day. The latest reports of scandals in PHE department are too evident to need any further delaying of registering cases and investigating the matter as criminal act. The NC scuttled the house committee last time that was constituted to probe Taj Mohiuddin’s land grab. This time they pitched for a committee to exactly achieve the same objective and save the minister from investigation. She said that such tactics by the ruling party will ensure that the corruption will thrive and the corrupt will go Scot free.

While referring to the schemes under state and central government, Mehbooba said that GOI has repeatedly censured the state for its failure to implement MNREGA and other centrally sponsored schemes but the minister concerned was busy ‘destroying’ the Srinagar city. “It is of grave concern that the cause of the fire in which Dastgeer saheb shrine was gutted is still not known while doubts persist about the involvement of this mafia in the destruction of this unparalleled heritage and a symbol of our faith.”

Mehbooba alleged that the government comes out with theories after every killing but has not been able to investigate even a single case successfully in spite of presiding over one of the largest police forces in the country which it uses only to protect its rule.


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