Govt re appoints Islamic University Vice-Chancellor’s wife


The government on Saturday has engaged Asia Sidiqi, as Director, Jammu and Kashmir Institute of Mathematical Science (JKIMS) Srinagar.

“In the interest of administration and to facilitate smooth functioning of newly established Jammu and Kashmir Institute of Mathematical Sciences (JKIMS), Srinagar, sanction is hereby accorded to the engagement of Ms Asiya Sidiqi  I/C Director, JKIMS, who is retiring on superannuation on 31 03 2018, , as director JKIMS for a period of two years w e f, 01 04 2018,  with the terms and conditions applicable to such engagements issued by the govt time to time,” reads an order.”

The order further reads that “Issued with the prior approval of chairperson, Executive  Council (JKIMS) Hon’ble Chief Minister JK.”


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