Govt responsible for waging war against Kashmiris: JKDFP


Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) on Thursday said that government have turned the disputed territory into a slaughter field where people are being killed and maimed for their different political ideologies.

Expressing serious concern over the recent killings by government forces and strongly reacting to the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s visit to Jammu Kashmir, a JKDFP spokesperson said that the PM is visiting the disputed territory only to deceive the world community about the situation in Kashmir.

It is the same Prime Minister who has directed its forces and local agents to kill each and every freedom loving Kashmiri and the same Modi is staging drama of visiting the disputed region as if nothing wrong was going here, the spokesman said.

The same Prime Minister has jailed not only the genuine leadership of Kashmiri people like Shabir Shah in old and fake cases but also a large number of common people only because of their love for freedom.

The irony is that judiciary of India has been turned into a mere joke which is not even able to pass a mere bail order or even quash a detention order of any ailing prisoner. The same government is also responsible for waging war against the freedom loving Kashmiri people at the institutional level for which the local institutions have also been transformed either into propaganda tools or stooges.


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