Govt responsible for illegal imports of mutton: Dealers


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Holding government responsible for the illegal supply of mutton to Kashmir, mutton dealers Monday alleged that huge quantity of mutton is being brought to Kashmir “illegally”.

“We have time and again raised this issue with the government, yet no heed has been given to our pleas, government has failed to check the illegal supply of mutton,” a delegation of mutton dealers told KNS.

Demanding immediate ban on illegal supply of mutton to Kashmir, they said, “95 percent stock of mutton coming from different parts of the country to Kashmir is supplied illegally. Government should check the licenses of those who import the mutton here and are not license holders. The commission agents behind this industry are hell bent to sabotage this industry here.”

Urging the government to stop ‘illegal’ mutton supply to Kashmir they said that a huge quantity of mutton is being brought to Kashmir “illegally” by people who are not actually the license holders. “It is disgusting that certain license holders have been allowing their licenses to be used by people not related to this trade”.  “Besides hitting the interests of the common consumers, the “illegal supply” of sheep to the Valley has affected the “genuine and real mutton dealers here.

“The illegal mutton supply being directly sent by the Mafia here causes the mutton prices to touch the sky day by day.  We cannot blame illegal suppliers for everything as the government is also to be blamed for providing license to these dealers without any verification, “they added.


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