Govt should review cases of political prisoners: Swami Agnivesh

KL Report


Lauding the role of Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister for using his authority in getting Masrat Aalam released from the jail, renowned social activist and Hindu scholar, Swami Agnivesh Wednesday said that it is illegal and inhuman to keep someone in jail for years without trial.

Agnivesh told CNS that draconian Public safety Act has a track record of gross abuse and in fact Mufti government should review many more such cases and take appropriate action before it is too late.

“Jammu and Kashmir especially Kashmir badly needs a healing touch. People are wounded and government needs to put a balm on these wounds. Mufti Muhammad Sayeed has shown statesman like courage to say and do things which he has said and has done since assuming power,” Agnivesh said.

He said that BJP should congratulate itself for being a partner in a government who’s Chief Minister has taken such a bold initiative. “Such actions will soon alienate the forces of separatism and militancy and pave the way for inclusive development. The BJP should use this opportunity to push through the long awaited return of the Kashmir Pandits to their native home,” he said.

Appealing Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to remain steadfast in his initiatives to bring peace and development to India and South Asia without being cowed down by the boisterous opposition Swami Agnivesh lauded the statesmanship of Narendra Modi  for sending Foreign Secretary Jai Shankar to Pakistan with a letter to his counterpart, Nawaz Sharif, thus rising above his own government’s earlier stand to cancel dialogue with Pakistan because the Pak High Commission had met some Hurriyat leaders in New Delhi.


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