Govt shows in-sensitiveness towards resolving NHM employees issue: DAK


In an emergency meeting chaired by President Doctors Association Kashmir on Tuesday Dr Suhail Naik has taken a strong note of Govt.’s in-sensitiveness and laxity towards resolving National Health Mission(NHM) employees issue which has taken the toll on regular health employees across the state.

The spokesman said DAK has received so many complaints from doctors that they have been working beyond their working limits and are being illegitimately overburdened by their respective administrators which is against ethics and labour laws.

The authorities & administrators just to give a rosy picture and under appeasement stunt towards their respective bosses are overburdening the regular establishment which is strongly condemnable.There are numerous cases where doctors & paramedics have to continue long shifts and repeat nights which is sheer injustice and more shocking is that nobody is paying any heed.

Female Regular Doctors especially lactating mothers are the worst hit by this callous approach of the Govt.

Doctors & Paramedics are kept in tiresome rosters just to keep health services running at the cost of their own health.

DAK stresses Govt. to take the NHM issue seriously and come out with well-defined action plan such that the protesting employees join back their duties immediately.

The regular staff is being taken for ride unnecessarily at the cost of their families & job comfort.DAK stresses authorities to resolve the NHM matter instantly otherwise the regular staff which is being taxed to the limit will have no other option but to launch a statewide protest whose onus will lie exclusively on the Govt.


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