Govt. spent 14 crore to maintain Tulip garden since 2008

Saima Bhat

October 11, 2012

India’s largest Tulip garden located in picturesque Zabarwan hills has filled backgrounds in many Bollywood movies since it was thrown open for public in 2008. The garden which remains open for just 27 days in a year has succeeded in attracting tourists from Indian and abroad.

According to document released in the Legislative Council, it was revealed that the government has spent Rs 1435.82 lakh on its development and upkeep since 2008, while just Rs 153.744 lakh were generated from ticket sales during this period.

The documents also reveal that the cost of development and maintenance of Tulip garden which was Rs 319.89 lakhs in 2007-08 has decreased since. In 2009 total expenditure costs were Rs 344.66 lakhs; in 2010 Rs 371.88 lakhs; while it came down to Rs 233.67 lakhs in 2010-11 and Rs 165.71 lakhs in 2011-12.

On the other hand the profit generated from ticket sales and film shoot fees has shown a steady growth. In 2012 the total revenue generated from Tulip garden is 37.51 lakhs as compared to 32.19 lakhs in 2008.



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