Govt Won’t Budge to Boycott Threats by ReTs on Screening Test



The Government seems to be unrelenting to the boycott of screening tests for Rehber-e-Taleems (ReT), who have obtained their academic certificates from study centers outside the state.

Naeem Akhtar, who is Minister for Education and Government spokesperson told KNS that the government will not relent to the boycott calls announced by teachers’ body.

“I don’t want to enter into any argument with anybody,” Naeem Akhtar said.

“I am in direct contact with teaching community, students and people. So I will advise anybody who has objections to watch how the court takes this order because we have issued the order in the light of court directions. And we have submitted the copy (of the order) to the court also for its information,” Akhtar said.

President Teachers Forum, Abdul Qayoom Wani, had said that teachers will boycott the test, and asked the government to revoke the order or face agitation.

“Naeem Akhtar should identify those teachers having fake certificates. By entering for screening tests, the teachers will lose their credibility which the minister should keep in mind,” he had said, adding that teachers will protest on January 14 after holding a meeting.

Over the reports of secretariat not working after the chief minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed has taken ill, Akhtar said: “It is a wrong perception” that ministers are not attending to their offices in Civil Secretariat.

He said that the ministers have to be available in office and also visit the constituencies and entire state.

He said that officers in the secretariat must attend the office. “The officers must be in the offices. The officer, employees have to be in secretariat. Where else will they go? If they are no in office where will they be?” he asked, adding that the time of accountability of the officers and government is coming in the upcoming Assembly.


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