Groups Engaged In Flood Relief Form Steering Committees

KL Report


An information matrix detailing the on-going relief efforts in Jammu & Kashmir will be available in the coming two days after a large number of local, national and international organisations came together at the second meeting of the Kashmir Floods Inter-Organisational Coordination System held here today.

A six-member steering committee was formed comprising Shakeel Qalander (KCSDS member), Abdul Rehman (Jamiat-i-AhliHadees), Arjimand Hussain Talib  (GK Foundation), Mohammad Shafi Pandit (HELP Foundation),Dr HamidaNayeem (prominent social activist) and Zeeshan Ahmed (Youth volunteer) that will steer the group’s coordination mechanism. Sphere India was also nominated to be on the steering committee.

Participants unanimously agreed that there was acute need for such a coordination mechanism to ensure that there were no areas left without the necessary relief.

The participants noted that since international humanitarian agencies were duty-bound as per the Red Cross/Red Crescent Code of Conduct and the Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (HAP) to build local capacities and encourage local civil society initiatives in taking leadership in coordination, transparency and accountability, it was important for all these agencies to be part of the system.

The information matrix will detail the organisations and informal groups, the nature of their activities, the kind of support being provided and the geographical areas being covered. The information system shall finally help in guiding relief agencies in directing their relief activities in an equitable manner.

The meeting was attended by Oxfam India, Mercy Corps, Federation Chamber of Industries Kashmir (FCIK), Jamiat-i-AhliHadees, Chamber of Hot Mix Plant Owners, Greater Kashmir Foundation, Islamic Research and Relief Trust,Jamaat-i-Islami, Rising Kashmir Foundation, Kashmir Centre for Social and Development Studies (KCSDS), Care Kashmir International and dozens of volunteer groups and individuals involved in flood relief.


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