GST row: PDP ‘shamelessly’ burying rights of Kashmiri people, alleges Rasheed


Speaking during the debate on extending GST regime to Jammu and Kashmir, Independent Langate lawmaker, Er Rasheed on Wednesday said that while National Conference ditched people by burying plebiscite front and signing ‘shameless’ Indra-Abdullah accord in 1975, PDP is ‘shamelessly’ indulging in burying the rights of people of state.

He said that there are confirmed reports that suggest Haseeb Drabu is eyeing to become RBI Governor as a reward to his ‘sellout’ over GST. However, he said, Drabu should never do so by selling out self-respect and rights of people of state.

Er Rasheed. KL File Image

Rasheed said that the people of Jammu and Kashmir are thankful to New Delhi for bringing GST, as it has exposed New Delhi not only in India but throughout the world for the fact that the constitutional hurdles in extending GST to J&K are ample proof that J&K is not India’s integral part.

The Lawmaker said: “If New Delhi is really worried about financial implications of GST in case of not implementing it in J&K, it must allow people of J&K to have trade with central Asia via Azad Kashmir.”

He said that New Delhi has caged people of J&K and is depriving them of political, financial and human rights. “Since PDP lead Govt has required numbers as such they can do any damn thing to save power.”

Reiterating his stand that dreams of Shama Prasad Mukharjee will never come true Rasheed questioned, “How can both Hari Singh and Sheikh Sahab be the Hero’s as one has to be the villain.”

The firebrand Langate lawmaker challenged BJP MLA’s to visit martyrs graveyard on July 13, to prove that they believe in the constitution of state.

Rasheed said that Govt has already succumbed to the calendars of Syed Salah-ud-din and NIA raids have failed to make any impact on the ground.

Commenting on the NIA raids, Rasheed told CM Mehbooba that she has lost the moral right to be in office as she was unaware even after ten hours the raids were carried and extending the domain of NIA to the state is itself dilution of Autonomy.

Rasheed warned pseudo intellectuals and communal forces not to defame Muslims by calling them Wahabis and Salfees and added that being Wahabi or Salfi is a proud and honour and nobody has a right to pass any obnoxious remarks towards Islam.

Rasheed amid uproar reiterated that if seeking right to self-determination amounts to being a traitor, then Jawahar Lal Nehru was biggest traitor on earth.


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