Guard Your Gaze

By Rameez Bhat


In this era of time marked by immodesty spreading through pornography, television, intimate videos, cell phones, cinemas, erotic stories, misuse of internet and so forth, many lives have been ruined. Young people have spoiled their youth in illicit relations. Life-long marriages have been broken due to illicit love affairs. To a greater extent family issues are going worse day by day because of the greed of physical attraction.

In the present scenario the charm of Umate-i- Muslimah remains a pure myth. Globally Muslims are doing things which contradict the way of our Prophet (pbuh) and his Ashab. On a social level, society is plagued by evils such as rape, prostitution, child molestation, homosexuality. Aids and other sexual transmitted diseases are plaguing the societies. The question arises: what is the root cause of all these problems? May Allah reward our pious predecessors, who would look at the world with an eye of the heart, enlightened by the light of the Quran, Hadith and the burning love of Allah.

They had diagnosed all these sickness to be brought about by one deadly disease. The root of all these problems is the SIN OF THE EYES, casting evil glances, looking at the opposite or same sex with lustful gazes. Unfortunately, in the contemporary world, people do not even consider casting evil glances to be a sin, when in actuality it is the root of innumerable vices and sins.

The other reality which people are totally unaware of is by protecting one’s eyes from lustful glances, one is promised the taste of the sweetness of Imaan. Once the sweetness of Imaan enters the heart, it will never be taken away. Thus by protecting the eyes, one is given glad tidings of good after death.

The curse of casting evil glances is such that a person does not remain conscious of what is lawful and what is unlawful. He will either fulfil his lust by indulging in wrong doings.

As we know the internet is blessing in this present age. We can gather lot of information from around the globe about the useful things; but conditions apply: we have to use it in a proper way. It is unfortunate that the internet is misused.

The recent survey report by Social Royal Voluntary Environmental Service (SRVES) reveals that there are 82413 persons in Jammu and Kashmir diagnosed with AIDS. See what is going on day by day in our Valley. Once this valley was known as ‘Peer Vaer’’ but today our people have gone totally astray. Allah punishes us through floods, earthquakes, unemployment, sickness, restlessness of mind, stress, and so forth. Therefore the result is that workers lack interest in their own work, students are not interested in their studies, politicians have turned corrupt.

Does Islam allow us to do things which lead our society to disgrace? The problem is becoming acute day by day and the only solution of this problem is to enlighten the heart by the teachings of Quran and the Hadith of Prophet (Pbuh)—otherwise we are doomed to go to utter ruin for never to reclaim our grace.

Let me end with these magical words of Dr Sir Mohammad Iqbal (r.a)

Apney Mann Mein Doob Kar Paja Surag-E-Zindagi

Tu Agar Mera Nahi Banta Na Bann, Apna To Bann.

(The author is a post graduate student hailing from Baramulla)

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