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Muhammad Shadab Chisti

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“Catastrophes, like what we are seeing in Syria, do not take place in countries where there is genuine democracy and respect for the universal values this institution is supposed to defend.” – Quoted Barack Obama

I would never prefer to start with the Quote of a “terrorist” or for that matter the elected “terrorist of a Zionist regime”. But, I just want the readers to ponder over the statement and understand that the Zionists consider Zionism as the only genuine democracy in Modern world and wants the world obey its diktats using different modes and mediums.

The United Nations, a global organization established after the World War II as a replacement for the inefficacious “League of Nations” to promote international co-operation. And yet, the whole world is reeling under immense non-cooperative threat in form of terrorism and it is very difficult for a common man to decode what really is terrorism or is it just a well scripted delusion and deception.


I am of the opinion that it is all just to spread fear, threat and misconception about Muslims and Islam which actually is the most peaceful religion on earth. I am sure this delusion which some of the people, at the helm of affairs, anywhere on earth use for their vested interests mainly for oil reserves, increase the demand for their advanced weapons and use deception to misrepresent either the oppressed or the people whom they represent. But, all these inhumane acts do matter and affect all the Muslims of the world, directly or indirectly.

American Ex-President George W. Bush during his speech in the US Parliament said, “Either You Are an American or against America” just to gain the confidence of the congress for launching its so called war on Terror in Afghanistan by unleashing the NATO forces upon traditionally Bedouin Afghanis, who otherwise took arms to defend the integrity of their nation which is in shatters today for which the credit should only go to Zionist planners. But till date, Bush has not been able to justify his so called war on terror which meant to kill Osama bin Laden for which he killed thousands and orphaned unimaginable. To kill one man, the New Order Nations brought the whole country down to its knees. I am of the belief, “UNO is either American or against the Muslim World”.

“The Chilcot Report” by Sir John Chilcot very clearly brought out the shortcomings of the Hutton and Butler inquiries, which were conducted far too soon and therefore were necessarily whitewashes. It also revealed that British Ex-Premier Tony Blair sent Bush a message saying: “We will be with you, whatever.” It doesn’t seem that Blair meant of eloping with Bush against the wishes of their respective countries. The statement is very loud and clear – Blair wanted to move into Iraq with America, not because he genuinely wanted to believe Saddam Hussein had WMD, but that he did not want the invasion to miss the lunchtime Fox News.

Interestingly, UN made a mockery of itself & the powers vested in it when its weapons inspector Hans Blix directly contradicted that of Blair, who was adamant that 10 minutes were quite enough to hunt for WMD that were there. Blix said he repeatedly asked Tony for just another five minutes but Blair was insistent the invasion could not miss the lunchtime Fox News.

As they say, “Truth is the first causality of war”. No such WMD were found in Iraq and the invasion turned out to be another demonic deception just to acquire full control over the Oil Supply and the world demand. All these lives lost or should I say murdered for just the oil, weapons sale and television ratings? At present Peshmerga & Iraqi forces are fighting ISIL to regain control over Mosul. It is just an illusion that Iraqi, Peshmerga and ISIL are at war, but in reality US is cooking a bigger game of oil extraction under this illusion. US is not interested in safety and peace of any nation but only control over oil reserves. The entire world now knows the devils which were contained by Sadam Hussain and which have been set free by the Zionist forces to unleash terror across the Muslim countries.

Afghanistan, on the other hand, was liberated after 14 years fighting the Russian forces and it would not have been possible without the support of US & allies. It is highly imperative for the masses to know that the syllabi of JIHAD for training young Afghanis who migrated to Pakistan after the uprising in Afghanistan against the Sultan Shah was developed in one of the premier US universities and today the whole world perceives it to be Islamophobia. This syllabus was enforced for all the Afghani students (Talaba) and these Talaba came to be known as Taliban (Resistance by Students). Where was United Nations Organisation when US pushed Afghanis against the Russian Forces for its own vested interests? It again was absconding from the scene when NATO forces occupied Afghanistan in the back drop of US staged event of 9/11 which was claimed by many defence analysts across the globe including some Americans to be an inside job of Zionist regime as Taliban did not submit to US dictates.

The entire chaos across the globe is just an illusion spread by the Zionist agencies using different mediums like Al Qaeda and now-a-days ISIS which has been portrayed as a brutal Islamic terrorist organization. It has been spread across the globe to terrify the peace loving people and carry out the vicious Zionist plans basically to target Islam and its leadership in general and increase the demand for their advanced artillery in specific. How on earth is it possible for a terrorist organisation to fight the super power and how could we believe that the ammunition actually meant for the NATO troops landed in the lap of ISIS. Is it really so tough for the world’s largest and advanced army to bring a terrorist organisation to its knees. Absolutely not! It cannot do that against its own mirror image.

Egypt unrest began with the revolt against Hosni Mubarak and is widely known as Arab Spring which resulted in demonstrations, sit-ins, Change in regime, referendum, new government, chaos, deaths and what not. Yet, UN could not stop the blood bath.

In Yemen, US have been arming Houthi Rebels, which enjoy the support of Iran as well, against the Sunni Government backed by the Saudi Arabia. The objective was just to lay their hands on the oil reserves which were not possible without starting a civil war in the region and Zionists have succeeded. The Saudi-supported government has fallen to Iranian-backed rebels.

Apprehensions were that this uprising & eventually the war might reach Saudi Arabia but the Saudi government was able to weather that storm smoothly. However, there is even more need for stability as there’s still the lingering threat from across the Persian Gulf to fuel a rebellion.

Syria has been the biggest catastrophe in the Modern times. But a well planned and brilliantly executed by the Zionist hands against the Muslim world. Islamic State on one hand has established a “caliphate” in large parts of Syria and Iraq, effectively erasing the border between the two countries and on the other hand American President and its sponsored media deceived the world by lamenting Bashar Al-Asad of killing the rebels by using Barrel Bombs.

The ongoing conflict in Libya which started with the Arab Spring protests of 2011 led to the Libyan Civil War, NATO intervention, and the capture, brutal torture, ousting and death of Muammar Gaddafi. This civil war led to violence and instability which resulted in tens of thousands of casualties. Libya’s economy came crashing which once was at the peak of the world with its oil resources & facilities blockaded or damaged by rival groups.

Under Gaddafi, public education in the country was free and primary education compulsory, Medical care was almost at no cost and per capita income in the country rose to fifth-highest in Africa. The country was prosperous and stable but to the evil eye it was a thorn and yet again the Zionist forces succeeded to break the Muslims on almost all the possible lines.

Now the situation in Libya is turning ugly with the fighting involving the new state security forces, guerrillas and militias who fought against Gaddafi but lately refused to lay down their arms so as to perform a political role as “guardians of the revolution”. There have been sporadic clashes between rival militias which at a stage resulted in the killing of a US ambassador as well. This prompted US to force a large-scale government crackdown on non-US aligned militias ordering them to disband. All this is adding up to a greater & deeper Muslim world conflict with different perspectives − Sunnis vs. Shias, Arabs vs. Persians, Authoritarian vs. Democrats, Muslims vs. Muslims, Oil Producing Nations vs. Oil Thirsty Nations, Truth vs. Deception − all pursuing conflicting aims.

U.S. President Barack Obama, almost out of the White House now, pretends to repent for not preparing for a post-Gaddafi Libya, which is at present divided into factions, is nothing but just another form of illusion Zionists can sell to the world.

Palestine has been the worst hit as a result of atrocities committed by the Zionist forces. Jewish government illegally occupies the land of Palestine’ and then establishes colonies for Jews who migrate from across the globe. The entire world knows the evil plans of Zionists are only to wither the Palestinians using the nefarious designs and illusion that the land was promised to them only but was actually promised to Arabs which included Arab Muslims and Jews and not the entire Jewish population. This is the real picture of Zionists who are just after the worldly wealth as against the Muslims who just want to protect their Land, Religion, Women and Children.

The raging issue of Kashmir is yet another feat UNO has achieved throughout its history. For the past so many decades, Kashmiris have been reeling under immense torture and pressure in form of judicial disappearances, infamous interrogation centres, the reign of renegades, staged gun battles & encounters,  mass graves, rape & murder of women and the new fashion of killing, maiming and disabling the youth is a satirical and planned ethnic cleansing of Kashmiris. Yet, Kashmiris are fighting pitched battles against the Indian armed forces with their grit and stone (age) artillery.

The war of words between the two nuclear armed countries, media coverage, military drills and what not has given Goosebumps to one and all except for UNO. It seems UNO will step in not for ceasing the tensions between the two neighbouring countries but only after the war for cessation of whatever is left after war, to pronounce its delusional judgement, ensure supplies to the dead and may be to draw a new geographical line of control which would be even more conflictive than ever before.

UNO has failed in every aspect to promote international co-operation, which was its underlying principle. It failed to execute the referendum in J&K as submitted by Nehru and well accepted by Pakistan and UN itself. Apparently, UNO dropped J&K from the list of disputed territories to ensure it remains a dispute in reality if not on paper. However, it continued its Military Observer Group in India & Pakistan (UNMOGIP) for cease fire violations between the two countries but not for internal problems of J&K which means the Indian agencies can act at will in Kashmir. The recent remarks by Ban Ki Moon was a surprise to many where he decried the deaths in the current unrest in Kashmir and offered UN office to facilitate dialogue between India and Pakistan. It is clearly evident that UNO can only do the talking but has no teeth to even show off.

A further twist in the tail of United Nations Security Council is the “power of veto” which refers to the veto power wielded solely by the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, & United States), enabling them to prevent the adoption of any “substantive” resolution, as well as decide which issues fall under “substantive” title. This is the most undemocratic character of the UN which give a free hand to the nations who enjoy the support of any of the Big 5 powers to commit heinous crimes against the humanity in countries like Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Indian Occupied Kashmir. This proves that UN can’t even work for what it was formed.

UN is busy in launching events like Yoga day and Senior citizen days ignoring other grave humanitarian issues. Its schedule is so minutely packed that it does not get time to even condemn the statements which came from US President-elect Donald Trump during his election campaign or from the Zionist diplomats who openly threaten the Palestinian Muslims. UN could clearly see the development achieved by Ghadaffi and Sadam, or for that matter the devil that was enchained by them and yet so it issued arrest warrants against them and when we talk about the atrocities committed in Kashmir & Palestine, UN seems to be paralyzed, crippled and blinded (probably by pellets) to issue such warrants against the criminals.

In a nutshell, UN is paralysed as there has been no consensus among Security Council members on various issues which includes the Syrian war, Palestine Issue and the longest unresolved Kashmir Conflict. All these evidences make it tough to decide if UN is “a deceptive pawn or diplomatically handicapped”.

(Views expressed in the article are authors own and do not reflect the organisations policy.)

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