Kashmir Life bereaved; Consulting Editor Arshad Malik is no more

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Kashmir Life’s Consulting Editor (hon) Arshad Malik, 37, died this evening after he suffered a heart attack.

Malik, who suffered from chest congestion since last few days, and would ride a scooter to reach his office, collapsed mid-way this afternoon. He was rushed to the hospital, after some delay because of crippling communication, where he was declared brought dead. He had suffered a major heart attack.

Malik contributed a popular weekly column to Kashmir Life magazine (Straight Curve), since its inception in 2009.

He was handling media communications of Kanwal Foods & Spices Group, Kashmir for last more than a decade.

A grieving Ali Mohammad, his father, said that Arshad was not feeling well for last few days. He was complaining of severe chest congestions. On Tuesday, he left for office but he fell down from his scooter in Basant Bagh. With the help of some local’s he was taken home where he changed his clothes and started taking rest. Later he complained of pain. “I tried to get ambulance but I could not connect with the ambulance people and then I requested local police who rang up hospital,” Ali Mohammad said. “After almost an hour, the ambulance reached and we took him to the hospital but he died midway.”

Arshad was brought dead home.

The wailing father told Kashmir Life that Arshad was keen in getting passport for his parents to send them for performing the Hajj.

Arshad is survived by his aged parents and a minor son, who is studying in DPS. His wife, a teacher, is teaching in a Delhi school.

Farooq Amin, the MD of Kanwal group, his employer said he is shocked. “He sent me a message at 12:30 pm saying a driver, who had earlier left the company wants to rejoin,” Farooq said from Delhi. “I knew he was unwell but he was so serious, I did not know.”

Arshad lived with his aged parents in Basant Bagh. He is being laid to rest later this evening.



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