Gypsum Mining ‘Halted’ in Uri, 800 People Rendered Workless



Industrialist Association Khunmoh Saturday expressed dismay over “unwarranted restrictions” imposed by the district administration Baramulla on mining of gypsum at Uri.

The Industrialists said that miners are having “proper permission from all quarters concerned”.

The association said as a consequence of the act, more than 15 industrial units manufacturing Plaster of Paris (PoP) across the Valley got closed rendering hundreds of workers idle besides jeopardizing the investment of Crores of rupees.

The affected unit holders accused the authorities of working at the behest of vested interests from other region wishing to capture the valley market for supply of PoP.

The members informed the meeting that imports of PoP from outside the Valley had been reduced to meager percentage after the local entrepreneurs ventured in this segment.

“Around 15 units with a cumulative investment of about Rs 50 Crores are presently operational in Valley out of which 8 units have been established in Khunmoh Industrial Estate alone. While approving the project reports of these units, the industries department had assured them of supplying gypsum raw material from Uri mines allotted to private miners on lease by Geology and Mining Department,” a statement issued by the Association said last evening.

The members said that their counterparts in Jammu are provided gypsum from Parlanka mines operated by J&K Minerals Ltd.

“After unilateral decision of restricting the mining of gypsum and its transportation by the district administration Baramulla, all PoP manufacturing units across the Valley have been forced to stop their operation at this peak season of their production and supply,” the statement added.

The members informed the meeting that with an average 50 persons working in a PoP mill, around 800 workers have been rendered jobless.


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