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Following extension in winter vacation of schools, Kashmir’s Coaching Centres Association (CCA) announced its decision of closing operations.

Due to the increased risk of more people getting infected, all coaching centres will stop functioning till further orders. A spokesman of the Association said the health of a student is of paramount importance and they cannot risk it. The Association has 500 members teaching 50,000 students, the spokesman stated.

Meanwhile hospitals are reported acute scarcity of the preventive shots which are mandatory for health workers treating the H1N1 patients. Right now more than 100 patients are being treated for the disease.

State’s health department claimed the supply of the vaccination is short in supply and they are in the process of procuring it from open market. This has complicated the crisis for managing the mess for doctors and paramedics who are vulnerable to infection. SKIMS had some doses in its inventory which exhausted within a few days after the scare became public.


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