Hailstorms Damage Crops in Uri Villages

Idrees Bukhtiyar


Representational Image.
Representational Image.

Hailstorms and gusty winds, besides torrential rains have caused huge damage to crops and vegetables farms last night in Machikrand and Sopargah villages of North Kashmir’s Uri.

The hailstorms started failing yesterday at around 3pm in afternoon and stopped in mid-night

The windy storms which have damaged the crops have left farmers worried.

“Our entire crops have been damaged. We are poor people. We only survive on our crops,” said Mohammad Shafiq, a farmer.

He said that hailstorm has also affected the fruits.

“There were many fruits that were yet to pick from trees. But now they have been completely damaged,” said another farmer, Fayaz Ahmad.

“Our maize and walnut produce have too faced damage,” he added.

Meanwhile, a group of farmers have urged the government to extend their help to farmers who have lost their produce.

“We have faced a lot of destruction in crops. We urge government to provide us some remuneration. We will be grateful,” they added.


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