Hakim Yaseen seeks probe in casual labour list of PHE

Tahir Bhat


Peoples Democratic Front (PDF) president and MLA Khansahib Hakim Mohammad Yaseen on Tuesday said that there is a need to set up a commission to probe the fraud in Casual labour list in PHE Department.

He said that list of 610 Casual labours was papered for casual labour in his constituency added that he was surprised to see that 200 labours were shown to be recommended by him while in actuality he never recommended any name for inclusion into any list and termed the list as fraud and factious. He said that the list of casual labour prepared by the various department are fraud and need to be verified.

Taking strong note of the allegations made by MLA Hakim Yaseen, Deputy Speaker Nazir Ahmed Gurezi ask the government to probe the allegations and punish the officer involved in preparing the fake list and attributing the recommendations of 200 casual labours to the MLA Khansahib.

Speaking on the grants of PHE, Irrigation and Flood Control, Hakim Yaseen said that funds worth billions of Rupees were pumped into the department, but nothing is seen visible on the ground added that his constituency Khan Sahib is still facing a water crisis.

He said that government fails to stick to criteria added that every year new schemes come up and DPR worth several crores were prepared while at the same time old schemes were left abandoned.