Handwara Civilian Killings, Bijbehara Attack Reverberate Assembly




As soon as the lower house of J&K Legislature resumed its business on Saturday, BJP lawmakers demanded that the house should condemn the attack on Border Security Forces (BSF) Convoy in Islamabad on Friday.

The demand triggered a string reaction from Independent lawmaker, Er Sheikh Abdul Rasheed who reminded right wing lawmakers “why they didn’t condemn Handwara civilian killings”.

Hizbul Mujahideen militants attacked a BSF convoy on Friday afternoon killing three BSF men in Bijbehara area of Islamabad district. Seven more were injured and the suspected militants fled the spot.

“We should condemn the attack on our forces personnel,” BJP’s Ravinder Raina told the house, addressing Speaker.

To this Rasheed stood up from his seat and asked Raina and his team members “where were they when five civilians were killed by forces in Handwara?”

Five civilians were killed in forces firing when protests erupted in Handwara and adjoining areas against and alleged molestation bud by an army man in April.

“Why were you silent then?” Rasheed told BJP. “Your party has two faces; you remain silent when unarmed civilians are killed and you erupt in protests when armed forces are killed.”

“This house condemns the attack on BSF in which three personnel were killed,” Speaker Kavinder Gupta said acceding to the demand of BJP men.


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