Assembly: Government to Promote Handmade Shawl Industry

Muhammad Raafi


Kani Shawl
Kani Shawl

Government Saturday said that it has taken various steps to promote and encourage the handmade shawl Industry of the state.

Responding to a question of lawmaker Anjum Fazili, the government told the house that new prototypes are being developed regularly to ensure that the designs of the handmade shawls are relevant to the market context.

“Skill up-gradation through structured training curriculum is imparted to promote manufacturing of shawl industry with new design inputs.”

Government in its written response stated that a Pashmina testing and quality testing and certification of genuine handmade Pashmina shawls and related products.

Government further informed the lower house of the Assembly that labelling of genuine Kani shawls and Sozni embroidered shawls is expected to start from July 2016.

Apart from it the government stated that promotional measures like ‘Micro Enterprises Credit Plan’, ‘Artisan Credit Card/Weaver Credit Card Schemes for providing hand holding to Artisans/Weavers’, ‘Marketing programmes by organising Craft Bazar’s/Expos within and outside state’.

“The design guidance and new prototype development for adoption by the shawl sector of the state is being provided through premier design institutes like School and Design/Craft Development Institutes.”


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