Hang Fake Faith Healer: MUAS

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Expressing shock over the shameful deeds of recently exposed self-styled ‘faith-healer’, Muthida Ulmai Ahilsunnat Wal Jammat (MUAS) Tuesday said that such quacks enjoy the patronage of shameless people who are hell bent to tarnish the image of Islam.

Demanding stern action against Gulzar Bhat MUAS warned people that Islam needs to be understood in right perspective where emphasis should be on learning the religion through the teachings of Quran and Sunnah.

MUAS General Secretary Maulana Abdul Rashid Dawoodi said that unless and until this path is not followed imposters like Gulzar will continue to exploit the innocent people.

“Way back in 2010 we had issued a decree against Gulzar Bhat for bringing disrepute on the fair name of our religion. However, at that moment, no one supported us and instead we were criticized and fingers were raised on us,” he said adding that Gulzar should be given stringent punishment so that no beast in future could exploit our daughters and sisters on the name of Islam.

He said that Islam is no way about superstitions but a complete guideline with logic and reason for living and successful life. “Some anti-Islamic elements tried their best to associate Gulzar Bhat with MUAS but they failed in their nefarious designs. We had gathered all the evidences against fake Gulzar Bhat but every time his blind followers supported him. Time has come that we stand against this ‘beast’ and demand capital punishment for him.

Dawoodi said that MUAS has formed 4 member committee, which is investigating Gulzar Bhat’s case from all angles. He appealed people to maintain peace and brotherhood at any cost.

When asked why Mirwaiz South Kashmir Qazi Yasir defended the fake faith healer, he said that Qazi had not supported him but had expressed concern about the fate of religious institutions operating in Valley. “What Gulzar Bhat has done was not in the interest of religious institutes. That fake darvesh has brought disrepute to seminaries and now parents will think thousand times before admitting their ward in any Islamic institution,” he said.

MUAS expressed shock over the Zanskar issue where Buddhists are taking Muslim minority to ride. “Zanskar episode has exposed the hollow claims of India that it is the largest democracy of the world. We demand stern action against those Buddhists who nark and torment the Muslim population in Zanskar,” he said.


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