Headache: Part of abu-Dujana crisis is now in US


SRINAGAR: The security grid that had recovered the iPhone7 that is believed to have been prized possession of Lashkar fugitive abu-Dujana is yet to crack it, the Hindu newspaper reported. After police failed to get into the phone, it has been sent to NIA and that has shipped it to US for cracking.

Quoting sources in the security grid, the newspaper has termed abu Dujana as “skilful gadget freak” who dodges cyber monitoring and has introduced iPhone as part of communication setup because of its near fool proof security systems.

The phone, the newspaper said, was recovered in February last when the rebel gave cops a slip but left his phone in the car, somewhere in Pulwama.

“For days, we used every local techie’s help to break the phone’s lock. We failed because the phone provides layers of security cover for consumers. We could see an emerging trend among militants to avoid other brands of phones but not iPhones due to its security features,” the newspaper quoted a counter-insurgency top official, saying. “Sources said the local police then turned to the National Investigating Agency (NIA) for help to break into the phone.”

The newspaper said that in March, the iPhone7 was sent to Delhi and Hyderabad for unlocking. Now it has been shipped to the US. Apple has a history of not cooperating with the US security agencies in the fundamental security issues. It has earlier refused help. But it remains to be seen if the ally US can help Delhi in cracking an iPhone that is believed to be carrying a lot of information. The non-Kashmiri militant who is heading Lashkar since October 2015, has survived five raids on his hideouts and two naka parties, fleeing almost after confronting them.

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