Heckling of Sakina in State Assembly; Ratanpuri Raises Issue In Parliament


KL Report


Parliament Member and National Conference leader Ghulam Nabi Ratanpuri Thursday asked the Parliament of India and the country at large to be equally sensitive to the rights of women in all parts of India.

Participating in the discussion on criminal law amendment bill, popularly known as anti rape bill, in Rajya Sabha, he said that India is oldest living civilization and we take pride in 5000 years old Sanskriti Sabhyata, Sanskars of Naari  Samaan and Nari Puja  and pointing towards the BJP members, he emphasized that they are more vocal than the rest in proclamation of this pride.

Appreciating the sensitivity of members towards the honor and rights of women, he asked, “Why do we try to insulate our sensitivities to the plight of a Dalit woman, a woman in North-East and A Kashmiri woman”.  According to KNS, pointing towards BJP benches he wanted to know why they have not reacted to the shameful act of a BJP member in Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly, when he tried to assault Social Welfare Minister Sakina Itoo, physically and verbally, in the House.

Mentioning the appeal of Sakina Itoo to lady leaders of BJP, he told the BJP members, including leader of opposition Arun Jaitley, present in the house, that “such members are not asset to the party but a liability like those ‘men in uniform’ who commit crimes against women and misuse the protection of AFSPA.”

Ratanpuri  demanded that the new law, enacted to protect the honor and rights of women, should cover the men in uniform also irrespective of any special protection.


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