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Stating that the consecutive militant attacks on security forces was aimed to provoke them (forces) to react and instigate protests, Director General Police Ashok Prasad Thursday said, it  was unlikely that there was any link between the Bemina and Nowgam  attacks.

“It looks like that both the attacks are not related to each other, however the aim of militants is clear that they want to provoke forces, so that they (militants) get chance to instigate protests in valley,” the DGP told KNS, adding that the BSF contingent kept the maximum restraint when they were attacked.

While refusing to accept any failure of intelligence inputs he said, “We are battling the law and order situation and under such circumstances, nobody can expect forces to act on every single input.” Prasad, however, admitted that there has not been a hundred percent intelligence success.

“There have been a series of attacks on forces, but if we compare them with last few years, it is on lower side,” he asserted, adding that the incidents were no way close to zero percent.

Prasad further said, that the Police and forces were busy in dealing with the law and order situation, which has enabled militants to carry out covert’ activities. However, he maintained that the Police would build pressure on militants to curtail their activities. “We are going through disturbed times, you have law and order problem to deal with, but now we are again shifting our focus on counter insurgency,” the DGP said.

He told KNS that an alert has been sounded to the forces, advising them to keep maximum restraint while dealing with situation that is aimed to provoke them.


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