Highway ban will worsen the state economy: JMF


As the government has put a ban on Srinagar-Jammu highway for five hours in a day, Jammu Muslim Front (JMF) on Friday said that ban, particularly during Yatra days, create “chaos” in the state, as people, including tourists from other states and countries, suffer due to the blockade.

JMF in a statement appealed the Governor’s administration to constitute Committee of traders especially transporters, hoteliers, fruit growers to take responsibility in safe conduct.

Such bans convey negativity and it will keep away the people from administration as well. “A wave of hatred will grip the people of both Jammu and Kashmir,” the spokesman quoted chairman Shuja Zaffar as saying.

JMF appealed the government to review the order as such a progressive agenda of the governor to ensure economic development of the state will lose its shine.


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