Hilal War Registers FIR Against Times Now anchor

KL Report


Chairman, Peoples Political Party, Hilal Ahmad War Wednesday registered an FIR against the Times Now Editor-in-Chief and anchor Arnob Goswami for allegedly threatening him on ‘News Hour’ debate a couple of days ago.

War told CNS that he approached police station Khoti Bagh and registered an FIR against ‘war monger’ Goswami.

“While participating in the debate, I expressed my free opinion and used the right to expression to project my views on the subject. In the course of the debate, the anchor (accused) threatened me of consequences for unknown reasons. To make a mention here, he used the following expression: “you are exposing yourself”. And the accused, Arnob Goswami, threatened me more than three times, which gives me sufficient belief that there is a threat to my life from him,” War said adding that the fact that Arnob is a rabid media fascist strengthens his apprehensions.

“Any untoward incident happening to me or my family members should squarely fall on the accused, Arnob Goswami, who is known more for his Hindutva zealotry, insane nationalism and war-mongering rhetoric than journalistic credentials,” he said adding that the freedom of expression is universally accepted and recognized as a fundamental right in favour of every citizen of the globe.

Pertinently, in a debate moderated by TIMES NOW’s Editor-in-Chief Arnob Goswami, panelists, Subramanian Swamy, President, Janta party; Retd Colonel Anil Kaul, Lt Gen (Retd) D B Shekatkar Defence Expert; Dr Mustafa Kamal, Leader, National Conference; Hilal Ahmad War, Chairman, Peoples Political Party; and Nizamuddin Bhatt, Leader, PDP discussed the issue whether the Government should authorize a full scale onslaught against terrorists across all parts of J&K.

A police official told CNS that Hilal Ahmed War has lodged a complaint against the Times Now anchor and they are looking at it.


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