Hizb chief Salahuddin condemns killing of Lt Ummer


United Jihad Council (UJC) Chief Syed Salahuddin on Friday said, “India istrying to create a group like ISIS to defame the militant outfits who are fighting against them.”

“The ISIS has been created by the European imperials to defame the Islam and to break the militant outfits,” he added.

The UJC chief said that there is no role of Al-Qaeda, ISIS and Taliban in the freedom struggle of Kashmir.

“The ongoing freedom struggle aimed to throw the Indian forces out of Kashmir has been started by the people themselves. There is no role of any other force including Al-Qaeda, ISIS and Taliban,” he said, adding that “there is also no need to involve them in this freedom struggle.”

On the issue of killing of Kashmiri army officer Lt, Ummer Fayaz, he said that militants were not involved in the killing of young army officer.

According to reports, the UJC spokesman, Syed Sadaqat Hussain while quoting the outfit chief, Syed Salah-ud-din, said: “Our militants are not involved in murder of Lt Ummer Fayaz. Such a killing is condemnable.”

“An officer from a pro-freedom family was murdered by the Indian agencies and militants are being accused of it to shield the real face of the Indian agencies,” he said.

The UJC chief has “directed the militants on the ground to desist from issuing statements and consult the top commanders on policy and freedom matters.”


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