Those optimistic about PDP have lost faith in it: Hurriyat (g)


Hurriyat conference on Friday claimed that ICDS workers, SPO’s and agencies sponsored NGO’s have been asked to attend public meetings being organized by PDP.

Blaming PDP led administration for deceit, a Hurriyat spokesperson said they stand exposed and are desperate to show its worth and compelling class forth workers to attend these public gatherings. It is mere show off and their gimmick, said Hurriyat and disclosed that these class forth workers and employees are harassed to attend these meetings.

In a statement issued here he said that just like National Conference, PDP too has lost its ground and faith and their party credentials and symbol stand at the verge of extinction and as such are very desperate to revive their existence.

Referring to a few sections who were optimistic about PDP, however its alliance with Jan Sangh leadership has waved of all misconceptions and confusion and they too acknowledge that PDP is working as subordinate and subservient team for RSS.

Hurriyat said that despite complete submission by PDP cadre, the Jan Sangh leadership don’t trust them and doubt their credibility & credentials.

PDP is a confusing lot, said Hurriyat and desperate to show its worth and hold public meetings. Quoting reliable sources, Hurriyat said that they are hiring and deploying all its machinery to make its show a success. They have asked all NGO’s & ICDS workers to attend said public gathering, said Hurriyat.

While ridiculing all pro-Indian parties, he said that these parties stand exposed and have lost their credibility in public.

“It is better for these parties, to windup their politics and join freedom struggle.”


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