Students beaten for complaining at home; Corporal punishment rampant at Shemford Futuristic School in Kulgam


The parents of students, enrolled at Shemford Futuristic School in Wanpoh area of Kulgam district, are worried and terrified as teachers indulge in severe corporal punishment.

According to parents some teachers at the school brutally assault kids without realizing the emotional and physical dents they are making into the lives of these little souls.

A parent, requesting anonymity, told Kashmir Life that a few days back their ward was so severely beaten that he lost consciousness.

“On top of that they punish the students if they complain at home. We would not have got to know this if some friends of my ward had not told me about this,” the parent said.

The parents allege that time and again the principal of the school has been assuring them that action will be taken against erring teachers.

“But instead of taking action the teachers beat the students who complain against them at home,” another parent said.

He said that his ward was beaten even today after he made a call to the principal complaining that his ward was ruthlessly beaten yesterday.”A teacher called my wife and threatened her not to send our ward to the school from tomorrow,” the parent from Kulgam told kashmir Life.

Principal of the school, Gulzar Ahmad, said he has been receiving complaints from parents and has been conducting workshops for the teachers to make them mend their ways.

“There have been some instances but we have been ensuring nothing of this sort happens again,” the principal told Kashmir Life.

He said some teachers were made to leave the school after complaints were made against them by the parents.

The parents however allege that the Principal has proved to be incompetent in dealing with the situation.

“He  (Principal) threatened me with an FIR when I tried to contact him about the beating of my son,” a parent from Kulgam said, adding that the principal makes his wife attend phone calls making it awkward for the parents to voice their grievances.

Chief Education Officer (CEO) Anantnag, Ghulam Rasool, said the parents should come and voice their grievance to him and he will surely take action.

“They should bring a representation and I will take strict action against the school,” the CEO said.


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