In the wake of civilian killings in north Kashmir’s Sopore area, militant outfit Hizbul Mujhadeen Monday appealed the people of Kashmir to take a lead in exposing the pro-Indian elements responsible for the innocent people in Sopore town.

In a statement to CNS, United Jihad Council spokesperson Syed Sadaqat Hussain quoting UJC Chief Syed Salahuddin said that during a high level meeting Salahuddin said that, “civilian killings in Sopore is a plot of Indian Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar which is aimed at intimidating and killing of pro-freedom people in Kashmir. State Police, Task Force and the paid agents of India are part of his dreaded and shameful plot.”

He said that all the constituents of UJC strongly condemn these killing incidents. “We are dead sure that such tactics adopted by Modi government and its allied government led by Mufti Muhammad Sayeed can’t weaken the resolve of freedom loving people of Kashmir. Kashmiri people understand these tactics and conspiracies,” he said.

UJC Chief said that Indian agencies are targeting Sopore as it is the centre of Islam and Kashmir Freedom Struggle. “The killings of Sheikh Altaf, Mehrajuddin Dar, Khursheed Ahmed and Ajaz Ahmed are the part of this plot to weaken the resolve of Sopore people.”

Paying rich tribute to the slain youth, Syed Salahuddin said that Abdul Gafar Reshi, the grandfather of the deceased has sacrificed everything for the ongoing freedom struggle of Kashmir. “By killing a beloved of Reshi family, the enemy has given a loud and clear message that it can go to any extent to weaken the freedom movement,” he said.

He said that Indian Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar has started to revive the Kuka Parray era in Kashmir but people and militants will not allow him to succeed in his designs.

Condemning the eviction drive of Muslims in Jammu Forest land, Syed Salahuddin said that this is being done on the behest of BJP supporter party RSS.

“On one side attempts to revive Kuka Parray era in Kashmir are on while on the other side efforts are on to create 1947 like situation in Jammu when lacs of Muslims were murdered and forced to migrate from their own land. I appeal to Pandit and Hindu community do not subscribe the views of RSS to support and help Muslim community. I also appeal to Hurriyat leadership to support and help the Muslim community of Jammu who always stood with the people of Kashmir,” he said.


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