HM Interfering in J&K Affairs from First Day of Mehbooba Regime: Rasheed



Engineer Rasheed
Engineer Rasheed

Independent legislator and Awami Ittihaad Party chief, Er Rasheed, Wednesday accused Union government of “ruling J&K through Home Ministry” from the very first day Mehbooba Mufti has taken over as CM.

Reacting to the incidents at National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar, Rasheed said, “though the incident should not lead to communal and regional divide but the way things are being blown out of proportion is absolutely condemnable and unfortunate. It is strange that Home Minister Rajnath Singh, MoS in PMO Dr Jitendra and other authorities are directly dictating things to the state government over the issue.”

“The biased national media is leaving no stone unturned to prove that police have used extra force against the non-Kashmiri students. Not only that, DGP to SHO Nigeen have been kept on their toes and asked to facilitate and allow the false propaganda by these students,” Rasheed alleged, “J&K Police need to introspect that how mandatory it is to even face the stones, abuses and derogatory slogans of non-Kashmiris with humility as their every action is being supported by people, their parents, politicians, national media and other agencies, treating it an act of displaying nationalism in NIT.”

The Langate assembly constituency lawmaker added, “let the local police find the answer that why they get appreciation if they beat Kashmiris, use pepper gas and pallet guns against Kashmiri youth and humiliate them in police stations but have to justify even very pity professional action while dealing with non-Kashmiris in the campus of NIT and elsewhere.”

“It is unfortunate that from national media to top brasses in Home Ministry and ultra nationalist politicians and observers are hailing the hooliganism of non-Kashmiri students who are crossing all limits and not sparing even police as they are getting applauds throughout India for their unlawful and shameful acts in NIT. May Mr Rajnath Singh and his team explain if they could respond so harsh and quick to the hype given minor incidents in NIT and have deputed a two  member high level team to boost morale of goons there, why doesn’t they show even least concern when it comes to harassing Kashmiri students in different parts of India. Does Mr Rajnath Singh not know how Kashmiris are suffering in Barkatulla and other Universities and how in Mawar University authorities have forced more than 50 Kashmiri students to leave the hostel? Mr Rajnath Singh should either announce that J&K government is incapable of dealing with even such minor issues or should confess that New Delhi doesn’t trust even a day long old Chief Minister or anyone else and not even J&K Police,” he said.


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