Honor The Instrument of Accession Restore Our Autonomy: NC

KL Desk


“The National Conference (NC) is not a party, it is a movement whose nature and genesis harks back to a very important era of Kashmiri history and is indelibly stamped on the hearts of the people of the state”, NC Spokesman Tanvir Sadiq on thursday said while addressing political activists at the party headquarters.

“The party has organic connections with the people and is led by Omar Abdullah, a young, dynamic leader who is the flag bearer of this proud history and legacy”, said Sadiq.

“Omar sahib is synonymous to peace, prosperity and progress and every right thinking person should support the policies and programs of the party for a bright and secure future” he added

Speaking about the attempts made in the past in diluting the special status enjoyed by the state and the solution to this vexed issue Sadiq said “Kashmir issue is not an economic problem but a political issue and can only be resolved by sound and prudent politics” adding “It’s time to honor the instrument of accession and restore our autonomy that has been unconstitutionally eroded from time to time, to end the mistrust among the people” said Sadiq adding “the state of Jammu and Kashmir instead of “being the bone of contention, can become a bridge of friendship” between the two neighbours if these issues are addressed”.

While strongly condemning the recent killing at the LOC the NC spokesman said that this is an attempt to derail the dialogue process between the two countries.
“Violation of ceasefire is regrettable. No civil society can accept such an act, its highly unacceptable and outrageous,” said Sadiq.
“Continuation of peace in the subcontinent is dependent on a sustained and sincere dialogue between two neighboring countries” adding “this incident can have adverse impact on the ties and it proves that there are people who desperately are trying to derail the dialog process but we should put our heads together and fail them” said Sadiq


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