Hot Spot of 2020, Hirpora Plays Safely Negative In 2021

SRINAGAR: The Hirpora village situated on the historical Mughal road in Shopian district has so far recorded the lowest Covid-19 positivity rate in the district.

The local Health Authorities of the district attributes the lowest positivity rate in the village to the strict adherence of Covid-19  SOPs and guidelines issued by the Government from time to time.

Earlier, during the first wave of the pandemic, this Hirpora village was considered as the hotbed of the coronavirus as more Covid Positive cases were reported from this village than any other in the district.

But, the locals have learned a lesson from the first wave of the pandemic and are strictly ensuring usage of masks, hand sanitizers, maintaining social distancing and washing hands properly besides sanitization around their surroundings to avoid the spread of Covid-19 pandemic, added the health authorities.

Despite unlocking and partial resumption of activities, the traders, transporters, fruit growers, religious leaders, Imams and people, in general, are adhering to the SOPs and guidelines religiously to avoid repetition of happenings in the first wave.

The Health Authorities said, it is due to this reason that the situation arising is under control in the village and the rate of positivity during the 2nd wave is witnessing a massive decline.

The Health Authorities say that the health education was imparted to the masses and other service providers in the village from time to time, and this must have also played a vital role in resulting in the lowest positivity rate during 2nd wave at Hirpora village.


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