House Adjourned, PDP Demands Afzal’s Body

KL Report


The second day too in the legislative assembly started with an uproar as the main opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) demanded discussion on the adjournment motion. The speaker had to adjourn the house for half an hour as he could not satisfy the PDP members who were joined by Tarigami and hakim Yasin.

As the speaker, Mubarak Gul appeared in the house the PDP members demanded that he should allow a discussion on the post Afzal hanging situation of Kashmir valley. The PDP had yesterday moved an adjournment motion for the purpose.

The speaker however, wanted to go for the routine business of the house starting from the question hour. The PDP members shouted slogans in favour of the return of the body of Afzal. “Afzak Ki Jasad Ko Wapas Karo,” shouted the PDP members.

They were soon joined by CPI(M) leader Yousuf Tarigami and another MLA, Hakim Yasin. They also supported the demand of PDP.

The speaker tried to go for the question hour but nothing was audible because of the sloganeering of PDP members. Amidst uproar and the serious allegations of PDP against the government speaker, adjourned the house for half an hour.


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