How Dhamni is different from Aasia, Neelofar, Tabinda Gani: Er Rashid

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President Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) and MLA Langate Er. Rashid Wednesday expressed satisfaction over the verdict of the court declaring accused persons guilty in the Dhamni rape and murder case and expected that “it will give some sigh of relief” to the family of Dhamni and other conscience having people living any where in the civilized world.

“But at the same time the judgment has yet again exposed the double standards of the system when it comes to giving justice to Kashmiris,” Rashid said in a press statement. “Those politicians, civil society workers, journalists and TV anchors should ask their conscience that if they have a right at all to claim being champions of rights of women and count the verdict as their victory.”

He asked, “Can any Indian justify that how Dhamni is different from Aasia, Neelofar, Tabinda Gani and victims of Kunan Poshpora? Is Dhamni’s honor and life more important and precious than that of Aasia and Neelofar of Shopian and Tabinda Gani of Langate as there is much more resemblance in all these cases?”

Kashmiris have a right to know that if whole India claims and applauds the verdict in Dhamni rape and murder case that has been delivered in just few months after the incident took place, why the same could not be delivered in Tabinda Gani case, who was brutally raped and murdered in Langate some seven years back, Rashid asked.

“Is it because that one among the culprits who committed the heinous crime was a non Kashmiris hailing from Bihar and just to save him the wheels of justice are not moving? Similarly the investigations in rape and murder of Aasia and Neelofer were left half way and unresolved, fearing that security agencies might be involved in the heinous incident,” he said.

Rashid reminded former Chief Minister Gh Nabi Azad about his commitment made at the floor of the house that Tabinda Gani rape case accused will be trialed in a fast track court and the verdict will be given in six months.

“Coalition govt. of congress and PDP owe a responsibility not only to the people of Langate but whole state that why the coalition govt. failed miserably in its commitment which had nothing to do with the politics,” he said. “The same tactics has been used by the state of India to bury the notorious Kunan Poshpora rape case in the name of so called national interest.”

He said that whole of India should feel ashamed when they celebrate the verdict in Dhamni rape and murder case but deny justice to victims of Kunan Poshpora, Tabinda Gani and Aasia and Neelofer by linking those incidents with so called national interest and moral of security forces.

“The reason and logic for not initiating action against Kunan Pospora rapists is being given that it will demoralize the moral of security forces and nobody in India is talking a single word about the stupid and dirty argument given by the champions of the so called nationalism thus their dual faces and standards stand exposed and their cries for Dhamni expose their hypocrisy and duplicity,” he said. “This colonial attitude being shown by Indian establishment and common Indian masses strengthens the strong lobby in Kashmir that India and Kashmir are two different things.”


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