How Premature Twins Survived Sub Celsius Srinagar?

SRINAGAR: On one chilling January weekend, Parveena (not real name) was admitted to LD Hospital. Carrying twin foetuses for seven months, she had high BP. No medication was helpful as ultrasound suggested the foetuses, a kg each, had compromised blood supply.

Dr Tanvir Bashir Noora Hospital

Doctors apprehended she may lose both the foetuses. They suggested to go for normal vaginal delivery as the chances of survival was thin. The mother was desperate to see the twins live.

The family contacted Dr Tanvir Bashir, the head of NICU at Noora Hospital, who explained the prognosis to them in detail. Father agreed to the management plan of Dr Tanveer.

The same evening, the mother started leaking vital fluids, so it was difficult to shift the mother to Noora Hospital. Both the babies were born by LSCS at LD hospital. Dr Tanveer along with his team and critical care ambulance reached LD hospital and shifted the newborn on transport ventilator and incubator to NICU (the temperature in Srinagar was -8*c).

The twins were on the ventilator for two days, antibiotics were stopped on the third day. Both received only human milk from donor mothers and were given developmentally supportive care (KMC, NNS, Probiotics). A month later, healthy babies were discharged and are doing well at home.

(This is the precise version of a detailed press statement issued by Noora Hospital)


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